If Rome was not built overnight, how can a company like ours be built overnight? Mark Haacke Training & Consulting GmbH has its origins in the career of its founder Mark Haacke. In addition to an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience from more than 15 different positions in more than 10 companies, many personal choices in the founder’s entire life naturally also play a role.

Our founder’s most important personal decision came in 2019 when, after 6 years in the role of “Head of Conformity of Production” for the overall vehicles of a large German vehicle manufacturer, he made the decision to leave the (perceived) security of a permanent position and no longer provide his knowledge and skills to just one company. Foresight, determination and a clear vision and mission have paved the way for a successful medium-sized company.

Foundation 2019

In July 2019, Mark Haacke made the decision to no longer provide his knowledge to just one company – the foundation for the creation of “Mark Haacke Training & Consulting” was laid.


August 2022

Rollout PSCR Workshop

We are very proud of our PSCR workshop, which helps to transfer the theoretical knowledge into practical application.

July 2022

Project start Recall Management Asian OEM

Together with the Weka Academy we inform all interested parties about the upcoming launch of the PSCR workshop.

June 2022

Rollout PSCR training

We are launching our brand new created PSCR training which takes into account all the important legal requirements.

Nov. 2021

Project start Homologation support German OEM

Support in essential areas for the approval of a complete vehicle

Oct. 2021

Project start CoP support
German OEM

Restart of all CoP activities of a German OEM, CoP planning and CoP testing by us.

Sept. 2021

Webinar @ReuschLaw

Sept. 2021

Speaker at AZI21

Automotive supply industry 2021

from May 2021

Project start Recall Support
Tier I supplier

We accompany a Tier I supplier in all essential steps of a recall affecting more than 100 vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

March 2021

moderated CoP expert panel
Audi AG

More than a CoP training – here 2 real professionals impart their knowledge to 75 participants. A true success!

as of Jan. 2021

strategic partnerships

Dec. 2020

Project Start Initial Assessment &Type Approval – Tier I

July 2019

Development our product category

Training, consulting, expert opinions, project work

May 2019

optimized format for our
Online training

Split option, off-peak hours (4:00-24:00 CET), changeover of practical exercises.

Apr. 2020

Start of strategic partnerships (e.g. Pixida)

March 2019

Reset by pandemic

Expansion of the product portfolio – adaptation of existing products

Feb. 2020

Rollout of the own training program

Dec. 2019

Development of an own training program

based on 20 years of experience, didactically and professionally optimized

as of 2015

part-time trainer for VDA-QMC