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Before I get into why vehicles and their equipment need to be approved in the first place in one of my upcoming posts, I’d like to address a seemingly simple question from a participant in one of my recent training sessions. The question was asked at the beginning. The participant was able to answer this question himself in the afternoon of the day – in detail and accurately.

Question, “What is a permitting process?”

Ask yourself this question and try to answer it as accurately as possible.

Let me outline it succinctly:

“Approval Process” describes a process that has the goal of obtaining approval (for manufacturing in a series of unlimited quantities) from an appropriate approval authority for a product that requires approval and is eligible for approval.

This process comprises many steps, from the product idea (specifications), through development, to series release, and even after SOP (Start of Production) is continued in processes for CoP (Conformity of Production), for market monitoring, processes for product safety and product liability, and further specifications up to the end of the product’s life – for recyclability.

It is important to note here that the approval process typically does not require compliance with certain specifications regarding the product alone. “Effective” quality management is also required and is part of the approval process.

With the help of the approval procedure, the manufacturer of the product experiences a significant relief compared to, for example, an operating permit for each individual product manufactured.

Based on “a” type, the approval authority assesses whether the product meets the requirements relevant for approval.

If the manufacturer also meets all the expectations of the authority (or the regulations), he is basically recognized as the approval holder and is now in a position vis-à-vis the authority to apply for the granting of an approval for his product. An important tool for recognizing a manufacturer serves as the initial assessment, which typically involves an “on-site walk-through.”

I would be very pleased if I have aroused your interest with this short description. Feel invited to attend one of my upcoming trainings.

You will learn the basics of approval procedures in the “Basic Training on Approval Procedures”. Here you can learn about the events that led to the approval process established today. The basics are taught that you need if you are going through an approval process with your product for the first time or rarely, or if you yourself are still new and unsure about this complex subject area.

Do you already have solid previous knowledge and practical experience? Do you possibly already feel “operationally blind” because you have been focusing on one small element in the permitting process for years? Then the CoP basic training or the CoP advanced training is the right event for you as an alternative or supplement. I would be very happy to design this training content as an in-house workshop with you in order to involve all colleagues and departments concerned. You will benefit on a day-to-day basis from good networking, a clear understanding of your tasks and those of your colleagues.

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