Clarification of terms – recall

Various field measures are grouped together under the term recall. This refers to measures to ensure that products placed on the market are cleaned of the defect or the effect of the defect. A distinction is typically made according to whether the product in question poses a hazard (to safety, the environment, public health) or is not in conformity with a (type) approval, or whether there is some other defect.

What measures are possible?

The resulting action may range from a recall ordered by an authority to an extension of the warranty/warranty arrangements for the product in question.

Depending on the scope of the products affected and the extent of the measure required, this can have consequences in terms of costs but also for the image of the company or the specific product. Examples in the (automotive) history of the last years and decades can be found very quickly. In this case, certain product names are very quickly associated with a defect and a resulting recall – an association that cannot be severed so quickly. Surely everyone immediately knows which vehicle we are talking about when we name a test for a quick evasive maneuver.

Recognize and correctly evaluate errors

It is therefore very important for the company concerned to detect corresponding product defects as early as possible using all available means (market monitoring, conformity of production, product integrity, etc.). A reliable evaluation of the error, the effect of the error and the effective measures must then be carried out in a timely manner.

Subsequently, it is particularly important to be able to evaluate whether the identified defect can also be assigned to a defect of the series. This may result in the need to make design changes to the product and/or adapt production, and often also in the need to remove products already on the market or repair them.

What can you expect from us?

Our team can assist you in all phases of a callback. From the assessment of the identified error, in order to be able to reliably evaluate whether there is actually a risk or non-conformity in the sense of the legislation, to the elaboration and implementation of the communication to the authorities and affected customers, to the follow-up of the success of the measures taken.

Among other things, we can look back on a successful recall of a Tier I supplier that affected well over 100 vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Our know-how starts with the qualification of a company’s employees and ends with the ability to coordinate a complete recall.

Contact us, we will find the perfect solution.

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