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We help you to meet the legal requirements for
vehicles and vehicle parts to fulfill.

Recall management and expert opinions on recalls – fast and highly professional help – immediately available

You have been asked by an authority to recall your products? Now you have to react quickly! Call us directly mobile: 0175/72 75 222

If your product poses a risk or is not compliant, you are obliged to eliminate the risk! But now it is also important to identify the error and the cause of the error. Here we are very happy to support you with the appropriate tools. However, they must also ensure that the shutdowns are appropriate, necessary, and reasonable. We will clarify this for you, e.g. in the form of an expert opinion, which you can also use to defend yourself to the authorities. If the need for a recall is confirmed, we can provide complete recall management. We can be reached directly at 0175/72 75 222. Or by eMail to

Product approval and recognition as approval holder

uncomplicated thanks to high expertise and good networking

You need an approval for your product? The approval authority should or would like to evaluate your QM system (as part of an initial evaluation)?

Just give us a call and we will arrange a short-term appointment for a free initial consultation: +49 69/153 22 51 10

No problem! Our team of engineers and lawyers has a strong focus and a very high level of expertise to help you.

We help you to meet the legal requirements for vehicles and vehicle parts! You can choose from four product categories for this purpose: Training, Consulting, Expertise and Project Work.

We qualify you and your team for your tasks – training, workshops, mentoring

Our training program covers the entire breadth of the product lifecycle (from approval to recall) and is staggered in terms of depth of knowledge to give you the best possible qualification for your tasks. Call us and book an appointment in our training courses: +49 69/153 22 51 11

We have a wide range of training formats. We can cater to your needs, from traditional classroom, online or hybrid training, to workshopswith a high practical content, to mentoring, where we provide you with structured guidance in practical implementation.

The legal requirements that vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other companies must meet are constantly increasing and becoming more complex. You do not need to be able to read and understand all of these regulations yourself. We have the expertise and experience to read laws like (EU) 2018/858, (EU) 167/2013, (EU) 168/2013 or even the new “GSR2” (EU) 2144/2019 and many others and “translate” them for ide concrete application.

Your challenge? Our passion!

Product compliance, product conformity, product liability and product safety are just a few of the challenges that you can easily master together with our experts. You will find corresponding references in the respective product category.

Our interdisciplinary team benefits from more than 20 years of experience in the industry.
The different experiences and knowledge allow us to take not only the perspective of the authorities and technical services.
Above all, we know and recognize the needs of the companies in the supply chain and those of the vehicle manufacturers in the dialog between the manufacturer and the approval authority/technical service.

We can thus optimally prepare you for your role as an approval holder, support you in the approval of your products and series monitoring. We are also your competent partner for questions regarding market surveillance and recalls.

Benefit from 20 years of experience in the areas of homologation / approval, conformity of production, market surveillance and recalls!

Call us and make an appointment for a free initial consultation: +49 69/153 22 51 10

Our expertise:

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Expert opinion

We provide expert opinions on your (automotive) products. Is a recall imminent? Will the permit be denied? Do you need a reliable…
Unsere CoP-Experten simmulieren an einem RC-Car eine CoP-Prüfung

Project work

We support you in the approval of your (automotive) products, in series monitoring and recalls and all related tasks. Do you need…
Beratung zu Genehmigung


Consulting on approval-related requirements in the automotive industry We support you for the approval of your (automotive) products, series monitoring and recalls…
Unser Trainer bei einer internen Schulungsveranstaltung.

Trainings & Workshops

You would like to gain knowledge in your field of expertise in a targeted manner? With our finger on the pulse of…

Our trainings

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We regularly present our products and cooperation partners at our Meet-Up events. We look forward to your participation.
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