Be more than a CoP officer!

You have mastered the basics of CoP either because of years of practical experience or because you have already attended our CoP Level 1 training. You are the contact person in your company for all questions regarding product conformity and beyond.

But now the task is to develop you and the production conformity procedures that you have established in the company.

Seek the exchange with other experts regarding CoP and book directly a place in our training “Conformity of Production- Level 2”!

The path to becoming a CoP expert

Are you wondering what else there is to know beyond the knowledge imparted in the “Conformity of Production – Level 1” training? You are CoP responsible and meet the requirements. Now it’s time to become a true CoP expert and optimize processes and costs. How does that work? There are several points to start from. Here is a selection:

  • How to optimize the sample selection?
  • How do you further differentiate the CoP process from other processes?
  • How can the scope of the test be reduced?
  • What is actually my specific approval object whose compliance needs to be demonstrated? And can I transfer a certificate of conformity to other products that use the same approval object? (e.g.: seat belts, horn, steering system, braking system)
  • Can the CoP control plan be optimized? And what should be considered in the process?
  • How can the detection quality be maintained or increased despite optimizations in terms of costs and effort?
  • How can the risk for deviations and recalls be further reduced?

Real exchange among experts

In the “Conformity of Production – Level 2” training course, we focus very strongly on a high number of practical exercises and the exchange of ideas among participants. With his many years of experience as “Head of Conformity of Production” at a major vehicle manufacturer and his work in VDA working groups, our trainer can draw on many practical examples and extensive knowledge of the industry.

How can you become a CoP expert?

The requirements for Conformity of Production are very complex. This complexity leads most companies to play it safe and invest a great deal of effort, which also results in correspondingly high costs.

If you want to become a CoP expert in just one day, book a place in our training now!

The course is located between the CoP – Level 1 course and the Market Surveillance & Recalls course, is self-contained and can therefore also be booked individually without leaving any questions unanswered.

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