The GSR2 (General Safety Regulation 2) is a new UN regulation to further increase road safety.

The GSR2 (General Safety Regulation 2) is a new UN regulation to further increase road safety. The requirements placed on vehicles by the UN (United Nations) are mapped within the European Union in Regulation VO (EU) 2019/2144.

How is safety increased?

Wondering how to increase safety with the new regulations?

Here it is worth taking a look at automotive history to understand that there are various ways to increase safety on the road. Because this has already been done very well in recent decades.

What does “security” mean?

If one wants to talk about security, one must first define what “security” means in the first place. This can also be defined differently from different points of view. In the context of GSR2 (General Safety Regulation), this means above all further reducing the number of accidents, but also mitigating the consequences of accidents.

A further distinction can be made between passive and active safety. On the one hand, it is important to prevent an accident from happening, and on the other hand, it is important that the accident goes as smoothly as possible.

You surely know the many little helpers in the car that seem to make the driver more comfortable. Many of these systems are designed to help you drive more safely as well.

Would you have thought that air conditioning is a safety feature that has also been recognized as such for many decades? If you are a driver struggling through the city and along the highway in summer temperatures, you will eventually suffer from declining concentration. In contrast, a driver with air conditioning always keeps a cool head.

Assistance systems

But of course, the many other assistance systems are even more important. There is ABS (anti-lock braking system), BAS (emergency brake assist), ESP (electronic stability program) and many other devices that actively intervene when the vehicle is no longer safely controlled. Did you know that even 20 years ago there were vehicles that could detect an accident situation so early that windows and sunroofs could be closed in time and the seats moved into an optimal position for the airbag?

And this is where GSR2 (General Safety Regulation 2) comes in and prescribes additional systems in vehicles.

Are there any exceptions?

However, since this is not feasible for every manufacturer and all vehicle classes right now, there are some exceptions and transitional arrangements that give manufacturers time to implement the relevant requirements for more complex situations (for example, in the case of motorhomes or small series).

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