You would like to gain knowledge in your field of expertise in a targeted manner?

With our finger on the pulse of legislation, we are able to qualify you in a focused manner.

Our motto “from practice for practice”.

This is reflected above all in our training program. Our trainings are 100% created by our team of experts. Thus, 4 engineers and 5 legal staff members are working on this. The content and structure of each individual training course is primarily geared to ensuring that the knowledge acquired can be optimally applied in practice.

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Basic training approval procedure (EU) 2018/858 / UN (ECE)

Learn the basic knowledge of approval procedures for your products. In addition to the approval procedure for EU and UN markets (ECE), you will learn about other approval procedures commonly used worldwide…

(UN) GSR 2 – General Safety Regulation 2 (EU) 2019/2144

The requirements of GSR 2 increase the demands on your vehicles. Learn how to meet the requirements and what exceptions exist for specific use cases.

CoP Basic Training (EU) 2018/858 /UN (ECE)

You only have to go through an approval process once – but the requirements for CoP must be met over the entire production period. This training will help you meet the current requirements.

CoP Expert Workshop (EU) 2018/858 / UN (ECE)

You have learned the basic knowledge about CoP? Then venture to the next level of your qualification. Become a real CoP expert and learn how you can significantly reduce effort and costs – with significantly better detection quality!

Market surveillance & recalls

You should avoid a callback! Proper market and product monitoring will help you achieve this. If errors do occur and you have to recall products, it is important to act quickly and correctly. This is what you will learn in this training!

PSCR Training

The PSCR is a key role in all companies – even away from the automotive industry, the role has become established to minimize liability risks for companies. Secure your product integrity too – become a PSCR!

PSCR Workshop

Have you already obtained the PSCR qualification? Then become a PSCR expert now! With this workshop you will deepen the theoretical knowledge through many practical exercises and exchange with other PSCR.

Product Liability & Product Safety

What does product liability mean? What does producer liability mean? And how can you minimize liability risks for your company? (Note: the description is currently under construction).

As a trainer, our most experienced employee is always on duty for you. Mark Haacke has been in the automotive industry for 25 years and has focused on regulatory requirements in the automotive industry for 20 years.

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CoP – Level 1

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PSCR Training

PSCR Workshop

Market surveillance & recalls

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