You have mastered the basics of CoP either because of years of practical experience or because you have already attended our CoP Level 1 training. You are the contact person in your company for all questions regarding product conformity and beyond.

But now the task is to develop you and the production conformity procedures that you have established in the company.

Seek the exchange with other experts regarding CoP and book directly a place in our training “Approval Procedure – Level 2”!

Learning Goal

Our 2-day CoP expert workshop will make you a real professional in CoP! In addition to many tips and tricks from practice, we will show you the details in the legislation that will help you to optimize your procedures to CoP

After this workshop

  • you can optimize your CoP inspections in terms of effort and costs, as well as in terms of verification quality.
  • you know how to optimize your CoP control plan.
  • communicate with authorities and technical services confidently and with precise knowledge of your rights and obligations.
  • select samples of your products with minimal risk of tampering.
  • you can recognize and evaluate influences on your measurement results.
  • you know how to distinguish CoP examinations from Q examinations or how to combine them in a meaningful way.
  • minimize your risks.

What awaits you

The focus is on the CoP requirements of Framework Regulation (EU) 2018/858. You will learn the specific articles of the standard and understand the implementation of the legal requirements very well. Requirements of (EU) 167/2013 and (EU) 168/2013 are also taken into account.

As part of an in-house training, which we can offer from 4 participants, we set the focus of the content according to your needs and requirements.

The focus of the workshop is on practical exercises, which account for approximately 75% of the time.


  • Legal requirements in detail
  • Quality management system (CoP-Q) – Understanding requirements precisely
  • Product testing (CoP-P) and declaration of conformity
  • The optimized CoP control plan
    Sampling requirements and methods
    Optimize sample size and test interval
    Avoid mistakes and risks
    Optimize effort and costs

Group of participants

  • Specialists and managers from development and homologation and CoP
  • Quality assurance and quality management staff
  • Marketing and sales
  • Supply industry and service providers
  • Laboratories, Authorities and Technical Services

Formats and dates

The CoP Expert Workshop is designed as a two-day event. In combination with our other training courses, you can create your own personal learning path and achieve the qualification you are aiming for in a targeted manner.

You may choose to attend our open events or in-house training.

For open events you can find the dates in our event calendar.

We organize in-house trainings according to your wishes – you choose the date and tell us the number of participants – from 4 to 300 participants we can offer you many options. You also determine the venue according to your needs – at your location, at our location, in a seminar hotel or online/hybrid.

You have the choice between German- / and English-language events.


You will end the workshop with a learning success check. This serves on the one hand your own evaluation of the learning success, but also our internal quality management.

After completion of the event you will receive a certificate, as proof of the acquired qualification.

Request and booking

Please call us: 069/153 22 51 10 or send us an eMail to

We look forward to your participation in one of our trainings!