Interim management for management tasks

As part of interim management, we can provide you with an experienced senior manager for projects with a limited term who will take on a management role in your company.

It goes without saying that the interim manager is able to lead an existing team, provide technical guidance or restructure an existing team in coordination with your HR department in order to optimally prepare it for new tasks and content during phases of change or company restructuring. Building a new team under the leadership of our senior manager is also an option.

Interim management with a high level of technical expertise

The shortage of skilled workers does not stop at the management level. In particular, there is now a shortage of specialists and managers with decades of experience in many sectors.

This situation presents many companies with seemingly insurmountable hurdles, especially when internal or external factors disrupt the company’s processes. Solving such problems is always a challenge:

  • Many years of experience in management
  • the neutral view from the outside
  • the ability to steer the organization into orderly processes
  • a high level of technical expertise

Why interim management?

There are situations where advice falls short and it is important to implement effective measures directly in order to secure or restore the organization’s ability to work.

These can be issues of particular complexity, but there may also simply be a lack of the necessary resources.

Here we support you in the form of interim management. In combination with our other products (training, consulting, expert opinions), this provides you with an all-round carefree package. Our interdisciplinary team (lawyers and engineers) with more than 20 years of professional experience in various specialist and management positions can make the most of its strengths and support you in all matters relating to the legal requirements for your company and your products.

Why us?

The following activities are to be understood as a small excerpt of our competences: We take over the entire recall management, the management of your homologation processes or your CoP management. Thanks to the expertise of our engineers and legal staff, we can also support you in all related processes and tasks, from risk assessment to a risk analysis and a fault clearance process.

Do you need support in communicating with authorities and government representatives? Here, too, we are at your side. We can also support you through our cooperation partners when it comes to legal advice and representation.

Our interim management services range from experienced specialists and managers with a technical and legal focus to our team taking over entire projects.

This is typically relevant when your own experts and managers are unscheduled absent or a temporary order peak or project delay increases your resource requirements.

Our experience in interim management includes successfully completed projects in terms of

  • Recall management: In the event of a product recall, we carry out a risk assessment for you, develop corrective measures and take care of communication with the authorities and customers, including setting up telephone and e-mail support for queries from affected customers.
  • Quality management: Weaknesses in quality management cost reputation, customers and ultimately economic success. Your QMS is certified and audits show no or only minor deviations? Yet you have a high number of complaints and can confirm inadequate product quality yourself?
  • Approval management: Deviations in series production can jeopardize your customers as well as your approvals!

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Project references

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