With the approval of your products, you may place them on the market. However, this does not end your obligation arising from this.

On the contrary – you only go through the approval process once.

You must continuously prove that your products also meet the requirements in ongoing series production.

The legislator gives you a lot of freedom regarding the type of tests as well as the frequency!

Learn how to best implement the legal requirements in our CoP basic training course.

Learning Goal

In our CoP basic training course, we teach you all the important basics about the “Conformity of Production” procedures. This makes it an excellent training course for all employees in development, homologation, CoP, supplier management and quality assurance.

After this training

  • where to find the legal basis for CoP and what it means for you and your products.
  • you know what requirements are placed on your quality management system so that you can successfully complete the initial assessment.
  • you can create a CoP control plan.
  • you are able to identify the CoP requirements for your product.
  • you can select the CoP samples according to the rules and protect them from manipulation.
  • know the requirements for internal and external laboratories for your CoP examinations.
  • Can you “read” test reports and write CoP reports.
  • you can identify deviations as such and initiate appropriate measures.

What awaits you

Focusing on the CoP requirements arising from the Framework Regulation (EU) 2018/858. Requirements of (EU) 167/2013 and (EU) 168/2013 are also taken into account.

As part of an in-house training, which we can offer from 4 participants, we set the focus of the content according to your needs and requirements.

Small quizzes, moderated discussion rounds and practical exercises make it easier to consolidate what you have learned.


  • Legal and regulatory basis for type approval
  • Legal and regulatory requirements for the procedures on CoP
  • CoP requirement according to UN (ECE) and (EU) 2018/858 and adjacent standards
  • CoP Duties Vehicle Manufacturers / Suppliers / Importers
  • The CoP control plan (in the approval process and in the CoP).
  • Initial assessment and CoP-Q
  • CoP-P and sampling
  • Laboratories
  • CoP Reports
  • Safeguard clauses and deviations to conformity

Group of participants

  • Specialists and managers from development and homologation and CoP
  • Quality assurance and quality management staff
  • Marketing and sales
  • Supply industry and service providers
  • Laboratories, Authorities and Technical Services

What happens next?

With this basic training course on Conformity of Production, you now know all the basic requirements for CoP. This provides an excellent basis for various qualification objectives.

  • Expert for CoP (also suitable for notified bodies for product conformity)
  • Person responsible for market surveillance and recalls (also suitable for persons notified to the authorities for product conformity/product safety)
  • Recognized PSCR / PSCR expert

Option 1: CoP expert workshop

CoP Expert Workshop (EU) 2018/858 / UN (ECE)

  • 1290,-/participant
    open dates
  • from 490,-/participant
    inhouse dates
  • 2-day
  • english / german
  • presence /online

You have learned the basic knowledge about CoP? Then venture to the next level of your qualification. Become a real CoP expert and learn how you can significantly reduce effort and costs – with significantly better detection quality!

4.5 (4,699 ratings)

Option 2: Market surveillance & recalls

Market surveillance & recalls

  • 690,-/participant
    open dates
  • from 290,-/participant
    inhouse dates
  • 1-day
  • english / german
  • presence /online

You should avoid a callback! Proper market and product monitoring will help you achieve this. If errors do occur and you have to recall products, it is important to act quickly and correctly. This is what you will learn in this training!

4.5 (4,699 ratings)

Option 3: Product Safety & Conformity Representative

PSCR Training

  • 1290,-/participant
    open dates
  • from 490,-/participant
    inhouse dates
  • 2-day
  • english / german
  • presence /online

The PSCR is a key role in all companies – even away from the automotive industry, the role has become established to minimize liability risks for companies. Secure your product integrity too – become a PSCR!

4.5 (4,699 ratings)

Formats and dates

Our basic CoP training is designed as a one-day training. In combination with our other training courses, you can create your own personal learning path and achieve the qualification you are aiming for in a targeted manner.

You may choose to attend our open events or in-house training.

For open events you can find the dates in our event calendar.

We organize in-house trainings according to your wishes – you choose the date and tell us the number of participants – from 4 to 300 participants we can offer you many options. You also determine the venue according to your needs – at your location, at our location, in a seminar hotel or online/hybrid.

You have the choice between German- / and English-language events.


You end the training with a learning success check. This serves on the one hand your own evaluation of the learning success, but also our internal quality management.

After completion of the event you will receive a certificate, as proof of the acquired qualification.

Request and booking

Call us on 069/153 22 51 10 or send us an e-mail to info@markhaacke.com

We look forward to your participation in one of our trainings!