Obtaining type approval is one thing….

An approval process can certainly be a hurdle that not every company masters on the first try. Legal requirements are increasing and the complexity of products is growing.

Once this hurdle has been cleared and you now have the opportunity to mass-produce your products and put them on the market, however, you must not slack off now.

… keeping a type approval is the other

After all, now it is a matter of doing everything you can to keep your permit. It is true that the legal hurdles for withdrawing a permit are high. However, faults in your products and also in the case of faults in your processes can lead to the authorities taking action with potentially unpleasant consequences.

The legislator knows two simple tools to keep your products compliant or to prove it: “CoP-Q” and “CoP-P”. “CoP” is the abbreviation for “Conformity of Production”, i.e. the “conformity of products” or the “conformity of production”.


CoP-Q has your quality management in focus. Long before you can even get approval for your first product, the agency requires proof that your QMS is also designed to meet regulatory requirements. Clear rules for the organization and processes should prevent products from entering the market that are non-compliant or pose a hazard. The first step towards this is the initial assessment.


But even an “effective” quality management system alone is not enough to prevent all conceivable defects in your products. Therefore, it is an obligatory element that you regularly take random samples from production to prove by testing that the legal requirements are also met in series production.

Series release

Since the focus of quality assurance testing differs significantly from CoP, it is important to also link the series release to a positive completion of the initial CoP tests.

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