Focus on your management systems

When it comes to your quality management system, it’s about more than just meeting legal requirements! With an effective or certified quality management system, you can secure the future of your company!

  • Do you want to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and develop lasting customer relationships?
  • Do you want to ensure long-term employee satisfaction and reduce staff turnover in your company?
  • Would you like to optimize the quality of your products?
  • Do you need recognition by an authority (initial assessment)?
  • Recognize risks and develop appropriate measures.
  • Recognize opportunities and make the most of them.

If you want to be economically successful in the long term, it is essential that you structure your company’s processes well and assign the relevant tasks to competent and qualified employees. Recognize risks and opportunities and manage both skillfully!

We prepare your company optimally for ISO9001 certification or an initial assessment by a licensing authority. We make sure that you and your employees do not suffocate in an abundance of documents and process descriptions, but recognize your quality management system as an important tool and work with it naturally and enthusiastically.

Based on an initial assessment in the form of an internal audit, we work with you to draw up a plan to ensure that we achieve the goals you have set. It makes no difference what products or services you offer. Our support ensures that you achieve your goals.

The initial assessment / recognition by the authority

“KBA”-relevant processes and requirements are requirements that you must fulfill in addition to the regular quality management requirements. Watch our video below to find out what an initial assessment is:

Preparation and follow-up of audits

If you do everything right, you don’t have to prepare an audit! Can you confirm this? Probably not. An audit is always a snapshot and can only check part of the management system.

If you understand audit preparation to mean drawing up an audit plan, defining rules for an audit and informing those involved about the audit date, you are doing everything right.

If you quickly update the date of important (but never used) documents before an audit in order to be prepared for the audit, we should talk about it. We also help you to identify weaknesses in your QMS shortly before an audit and initiate effective measures at short notice. If major or minor deviations are identified during an audit, we support you in the structured development of measures and their implementation.

Further assistance

Do you need support in setting up your QMS or would you like to have it neutrally evaluated by our experts before an authority audit? Simply call us on 0175 72 75 222 or send us a message to

We are happy to qualify you and your employees through our training courses, provide you with consultancy, evaluate your products and processes in the form of expert reports or support you with our team in the event of staff shortages.