How can the legal requirements be implemented?

When we talk to our customers’ employees, we often find that the first thing they think of when considering compliance with regulatory requirements is evidence of testing.

We agree with you that product testing is an essential element in demonstrating to authorities that regulatory requirements are met.

As part of an approval procedure and as part of series monitoring, you are also required by law to test your products. And that goes beyond automotive products.

Much more important than these tests, however, are the processes used to ensure that you design and manufacture your products in such a way that deviations from the legal requirements cannot occur in the first place.

What requirements does the legislator place on the QMS?

For this you need a quality management system. And by law, there is one simple requirement for this: it must be “effective.” If you want to place products requiring approval on the market, your QMS must first be checked or audited by an approval authority. This is done by means of an initial assessment.

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