Market surveillance & recalls

Market surveillance and product monitoring

As a manufacturer or distributor of products, you have to fulfill far-reaching and comprehensive obligations. You need to develop, design and manufacture your products according to established standards. This does not only apply to automotive products. From children’s toys to chemical or pharmaceutical products, almost all products are subject to legal requirements.

The legislator expects you to monitor your products even after they have been placed on the market and to identify possible risks. These risks may be due to design faults or manufacturing errors. However, use can also entail risks that you have not taken into account or recognized during the development and validation of your products. The line between intended and foreseeable use, and especially the line between that and improper use, can be a fine one. Widely ramified supply chains also make it necessary for you to keep an eye on your competitors’ products, as a fault could also be caused by a comparable or identical supplier part.

Regulatory shutdown measures

If your product poses a hazard or is not compliant, you as the manufacturer are obliged to take action!

Approval and market surveillance authorities expect an effective error correction process.

If you react quickly and competently, you may even be able to prevent an entry in authority portals (e.g.: RAPEX/Safetygate).

If a product recall is unavoidable, you must react quickly and competently. If your remedial measures and their implementation are not satisfactory, the authority will take control of the recall.

Optimize your callback management!

Expert opinion on product defects

Once you have recognized a hazard, it is important to quickly identify the error and the cause of the error and to derive and implement appropriate measures. The spectrum can range from the optimization of products, the communication of information to customers, the coordinated recall with reworking of the product, through to the destruction of the product.

Here we can support you with our specialized team of experts. Our legally and technically experienced staff will prepare fault analyses, risk assessments and remedial measures for you, e.g. in the form of expert reports. You can use our impartial expert opinions in dealings with the authorities or in court proceedings to objectify situations and, if necessary, to defend yourself.

Among other things, we prepare expert opinions on:

  • Detection and technical evaluation of complaints and risks
  • Error, cause & effect analysis
  • Assessment of whether approval-relevant requirements or conformity requirements have been violated

If the need for a product recall is confirmed, a complex process is usually initiated. Small and medium-sized companies in particular quickly reach their limits here. The neutral view from the outside is missing and the experience and not least the resources in the company are limited. At the same time, the available resources are tied up all the more by the initiation of shutdown measures, ensuring the availability of spare parts and identifying affected customers.

We will help you with the implementation of the recall. Our many years of experience, technical expertise and experienced communication with authorities will help you to handle a product recall quickly and easily.

We are also happy to take over the complete recall management for you – from fault analysis to the reworking of your products.

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We have combined our broad knowledge and experience in the field of market surveillance and recalls in a one-day training course. You can find more information in the Training section.

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