We provide expert opinions on your (automotive) products. Is a recall imminent? Will the permit be denied? Do you need a reliable and binding statement on a specific issue?

Within the scope of an expert opinion, we analyze the facts of a case and evaluate them in a structured manner.

To the point

There are situations where the question and also the objective can be formulated very clearly. You do not necessarily need a comprehensive consultation for this.

If we take an accident as an example, where an expert assesses the damage, evaluates which repair is appropriate and reasonable and then calculates the cost of the repair, we can provide you with an expert opinion for a product defect, for example, to show whether it is a serial defect that requires a product recall.

Therefore, we clarify a very specific issue in the form of an expert opinion, in the desired and meaningful detail.

Further examples are expert opinions for the evaluation of the approval obligation of a product, the approvability of a product, the conformity (with the type approval) of a product or the conformity of a type approval to the legislation.

Advantage of an expert opinion

Not only do you get a clear assessment of the facts. We show you the dependencies and delimitations of the evaluated characteristics.

Your innovation? we take to the streets!

Dialog: Our customer has a great innovation. We are taking this to the streets.

You have a new product idea for your company? Would you like to offer your product for other applications?
Excellent, ideas are important! Innovation even more!

But what do you have to consider now?
Just put it into circulation?
… No, unfortunately, it does not work like that!
… But almost!

Let’s say you want to have the approval requirement of a product evaluated. Even seemingly simple products can be subject to a multitude of legal requirements in the web of regulations. We clarify the applicable legal acts that the product must comply with, taking into account the intended use or installation scenario, and show you the evaluation criteria in such a way that you can independently evaluate whether changes to the product would lead to a re-evaluation.

We not only provide you with a binding statement on the approval obligation of your
product, but also a possibility for you in case of changes of the product, its
independently re-evaluate the intended use or the installation situation

A light comes on!

Defect on the product? Take effective measures!

But our appraisals cover a much broader range of options that require a technically sound and factually explained evaluation.

You have been confronted with a deviation on your products?

Then first of all congratulations, because then your processes work and you are able to recognize deviations as such!
If it is a deviation

  • to conformity?
  • for safety?
  • or simply a misuse?

Now the question remains whether it is also a serial defect and a recall is required.

How do you deal with deviations?

Is there actually a deviation?

If you answer “yes” to the question, please always keep in mind that not the directly expected solution is the real correct solution and also not the first detected reason for a deviation must be the real reason.
It is necessary to clarify whether the imputed deviation actually constitutes a deviation in the sense of the legislation – there are clear rules here and we check these
Even if we show in our expert opinion that there is a deviation on your product, it remains to be clarified whether this actually refers to the entire series.
Does that sound like too much effort? For us, it’s not costly at all. It is our absolute expertise!

Our interdisciplinary team of legal staff and engineers prepares expert opinions according to your requirements.
Of course, we also defend our expert opinion for you before authorities or courts. With our legal cooperation partners, we can also assist you beyond an expert opinion with the
legal processing of the facts of the case.

Contact us and make an appointment for a free initial consultation.

Project references

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