Technical and legal expertise from a single source

Many requirements are placed on technical products.

Legal and technical requirements, for example from industry standards and norms, bring with them a particularly high level of complexity. A combination of legal and technical expertise is required here so that you can plan and act with (legal) certainty.

And here we have our absolute unique selling point! Our engineers and lawyers, who have worked together for years on a wide range of projects, are the asset you can use to build your competitive advantage.

From the development of your quality management system – to meet regulatory and legal requirements – to the approval of your products, their series monitoring, the evaluation of product and process defects and a complete recall management, we provide you with the support you need to reach your goals faster and more cost-effectively.

Experience that counts…

The founder of the family-run company is Dipl. Ing. (BA) Mark Haacke. With more than 25 years of professional experience in the automotive industry and over 20 years of experience regarding legal requirements, he is the head of operations and is always involved in projects and training.

His curriculum vitae is characterized by many stations – among others as an expert of an officially recognized monitoring organization, homologation engineer at a supplier, single point of contact for recalls on two carlines at an international vehicle manufacturer and 6 years as Head of Conformity of Production.

In addition, Mark Haacke is also involved in activities beyond his professional duties, e.g. in numerous expert panels. He was active in various working groups of the VDA-QMC for many years and was particularly committed to the further development of the company as a Brand Ambassador at a former employer. As one of the first members in an in-house organization for networking and mentoring new employees in the development center, he was able to build a very extensive network with various experts.

…and knowledge that grows…

Mark Haacke and his team are also at the forefront when it comes to further training and targeted skills development. So we don’t just learn from our projects. Continuous external training guarantees that you will always be supported by us to the best of our knowledge and belief.

In our modern, ever more rapidly evolving world, keeping up with change is of enormous importance. And you have to be fast if you want to keep up. You have to be even faster if you want to help shape the world and achieve more than the others. As the Red Queen said in the book “Alice behind the Mirrors” by Lewis Carroll: “My dear, here we have to run as fast as we can just to stay put. And if you want to get somewhere, you have to run twice as fast.”

Started with a successful apprenticeship as an automotive mechanic and later studied mechanical engineering, graduating with a Dipl.Ing. degree. (BA) in automotive engineering, Mark Haacke has always continued his education. Training on FMEA, DRBFM, APQP, Six Sigma, OpEx, Red X/Shainin and his qualification as Quality Management Representative and Internal Auditor are just a few of the qualifications acquired, which are also continuously refreshed and developed. Most recently, Mark Haacke enhanced his legal skills with a 2-year law degree at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

Benefit from this knowledge and race to the finish with us!

… and we are happy to pass them on to you.

With our comprehensive training program, we qualify you and your employees in a structured and targeted manner.

Our motto “from practice for practice”.

This is reflected above all in our training program. Our training courses have been created 100% by our team of experts, consisting of experienced engineers and legal staff. The content and structure of each individual training course is primarily geared to ensuring that the knowledge acquired can be optimally applied in practice.