Placing products subject to approval on the market

Many products that we deal with in everyday life are subject to legal requirements. The main motives for this are the protection of the environment, public health or safety in general.

Legislation remains general in many regulations, and companies have a great deal of freedom in designing their products. If products pose a particular hazard, as is the case with vehicles, but also with medical, pharmaceutical and chemical products, they are regularly subject to approval. This means that prior to series production, an appropriate approval authority tests and evaluates samples of these products. These products may only be placed on the market after a permit has been issued.

In addition to the clear requirements for the design of the products themselves, there are also strict requirements for the company and, above all, for the approval process itself.

Our experienced team will help you quickly and competently obtain approval for your products.

We work out the specific requirements for your product, advise you on the technical realization and help you to overcome the formal hurdles. Thanks to our good networking with technical services, laboratories and authorities, we can support you in all phases of the approval process.

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