Consulting on type approval-related requirements in the automotive industry

We support you in the type approval of your (automotive) products, series monitoring, recalls and everything that goes with it. From the product idea to product disposal, we are your experts. We have optimally prepared our previous clients for the initial assessment by the licensing authority. We have supported type approvals for vehicle parts and complete vehicles and clarified difficulties with the approval authority. We also provide support for CoP-Q and CoP-P and thus ensure the conformity of your products both with the help of the relevant processes and via the required product tests. Our expertise extends even to the preparation, support or independent execution of recalls, should your products have a corresponding defect.

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Who do we consult?

We consult companies and authorities from many sectors. The focus is on mobility and technical products.

For young companies that want to conquer the automotive market with an innovation, a situation can quickly arise that seems complex or even unsolvable. Particularly in the case of important retrofits to the existing fleet, from telematics units to electric drives, there is a mixture of national, EU and UN requirements that increase complexity.

But it is also a challenge for “the big players” in the industry to master the implementation of the ever more extensive legal regulations. One indication of this is the steadily increasing number of recalls, within which an increasing number of vehicles are typically affected per recall.
But it’s not always a recall, where a neutral view from the outside is helpful.

Sometimes it is a change in the organization, processes or supplier management that leads to a recall because errors have occurred or insufficient proof of the safety and conformity of the products can be provided.

On which topics do we provide consult?

From initial assessment, type approval and Conformity of Production to possible recalls or other discontinuation measures – companies’ obligations to authorities and customers are comprehensive and tightly regulated. And this is not only the case within the EU, because comparable requirements exist worldwide.

A key example of this is the European Union’s Framework Regulation EU 2018/858. Furthermore, globally applicable regulations were agreed upon by the UN with the 1958 Convention and the 1998 Convention. (EU) 2019/2144, the EU version of the GSR2 (General Safety Regulation 2), came into force in 2022.

Type approval-relevant requirements are a black box for some

The neutral view from outside

Maybe you know this:
There are a wide variety of issues that at first seem unfathomable, in addition to being extremely complex, and are then carried through your organization as a major problem. How do you make these questions tangible and how do you structure the “problem”?

A neutral view from the outside helps!

The neutral view from the outside must of course also have a high level of expertise and a lot of experience in order to be able to reliably evaluate the problem at hand. Our team of consultants consists of experienced colleagues with a variety of specialist areas.

This means that we can always deploy the right expert or put together the optimal team for any situation. A strong team spirit and a close exchange, also across projects, ensures a high and consistent quality of consulting.

Consulting focus

A high level of expertise among our consultants also means that we have a strong focus. This helps our customers to solve difficulties in their processes or products in a targeted and sustainable manner.

Our focus is on type approval-related requirements in the automotive industry. This means that we can support our customers in all matters concerning legal requirements for their products. This also includes legal requirements for the company itself.

If these topics are considered along the product life cycle, this results in a range that extends from the initial assessment of the company as (future) approval holder to a recall of defective or risky products.

We consult you on:

  • Initial assessment of the (future) licensee
  • Identification of the products subject to type approval
  • Evaluation of the approvability of the products
  • Consulting on the implementation of product requirements relevant for type approval
  • Evaluation of the QM system and processes
  • Consultation on the approval procedure / type approval
  • Create and optimize the CoP control plan / production compliance procedures.
  • Definition of the test scope and test frequency of CoP examinations
  • Evaluation of the processes for market and product monitoring
  • Evaluation of deviations and defects on products, root cause analysis, risk assessment
  • Definition of measures internally and in the field
  • …..

We determine the focus of our consulting together with our customers. We guarantee a good balance between maximum quality of evidence to the authorities and minimum costs in meeting legal requirements.


The project references go back to well before the founding of Mark Haacke Training & Consulting GmbH. The many reference projects and many projects and tasks beyond that were an impulse to found the company. Due to existing confidentiality obligations, the customer in question or the project itself can only be named in a few cases.

Project references

We can also refer to a wide range of references regarding consulting:

What can we do for you?

You too can exploit the potential in your processes and products. Achieve greater security with our help with regard to your obligations to the authorities and with regard to product liability / product safety. Call us or send us a short message – we will promptly arrange an appointment for a free initial consultation.

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