And now it depends on the initial evaluation?!??

Everything seems to be in the bag, the supplier contracts are signed, the customer has ordered and the delivery dates are fixed, all tests for approval are going well and now only the audit as part of the initial evaluation was missing. But here the auditor has now put a spoke in your wheel?

We have already encountered this situation with several customers. And often the situation is not as messed up as it seems. It is important to understand that the initial assessment is the “ticket” into the world of permit holders. There is no way around it, and without initial evaluation, there is no product approval.

How can we support you in this?

Option 1 – we prepare you for the initial assessment

An experienced colleague from our team evaluates their quality management system and identifies weaknesses relevant to the approval authority. We also support you in the implementation/settlement. We have proven templates for all relevant processes and documents and adapt them quickly and easily to your company and products.

Option 2 – Fire extinguishing

Here, too, we are already very experienced and experienced. With the objective of ensuring that you can meet all your deadlines and contracts, we analyze the deviations pointed out by the auditor. Very often, deviations are found that have no relevance in the context of an initial evaluation.

Our analysis will help you and your auditor to refocus on the essentials and conclude the initial assessment on a positive note. In doing so, we are also happy to enter into discussions with you or, on your behalf, with the approval authority and bring about a timely clarification.