Explanation: Feedback is collected via questionnaires after the event. All ratings submitted will be included in the overall ranking.


Were the basics at the beginning of the training sufficiently conveyed to allow a good introduction to the topic according to your level of knowledge?

Have you seen any learning progress in the current training?

Did the practical exercises help you to transfer the theoretical knowledge into a practical application/usability?

Would you recommend this training to others?

Have you achieved your learning goal?

Were your expectations for the entire event met?


Participants of the training on 17.10.2023:

“Number of quizzes could be increased, if necessary, to directly test what has been learned. High fun factor. Presence absolutely recommended!”

Participants of the training on 10.12.2021:

“Applying it to your own product is the most interesting. Possibly, the price target can be included or expanded. That at the end of the training, so to speak, you can take away the evaluations, procedures, etc. as a result of the training. Due to the all-day blocking of the working day, one is inclined to work on work topics in parallel. So I would prefer half-day training sessions.”

Organizer’s note: For in-house training we also offer a split option, full day events can be split into two half days.

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