As an entrepreneur or managing director, you can and must delegate tasks within the company. But does this also mean that responsibility can be relinquished? In just 1.5 hours, we will give you a compact overview of the relevant regulations and what you need to do to protect yourself and your company.

Have your entrepreneurial duties in mind!

As a business owner or manager, you can’t do all the work yourself! That’s what you have your organization for! They delegate the corresponding tasks to the departments. But what about responsibility? Can this be delegated so easily?

Why a management short training?

As entrepreneurs and business managers, you are aware of your responsibilities. We see that management representatives are always present at our trainings and take the time to know the legal requirements and understand your responsibilities.

But do you need to go that deep into technical knowledge as a business manager? No! You should know your duties and your responsibilities – and not just for a specific area of expertise!

Your goal as a business manager must be to get a good overview of your duties.

Learning Goal

There is no (technical) learning objective! Gain an understanding of your obligations when your company places technical products on the market.

And this is also the focus of our management short training! In essence, how do you ensure that your company’s products are safe and compliant – throughout the entire product lifecycle?!

Safe and compliant products do not result from a technical perspective alone. The processes and the organization must meet concrete requirements!

What awaits you

In a time frame of approx. 1.5 hours, you will get an overview of your entrepreneurial duties – from the product idea, to the official recognition of your quality management system, to duties regarding defective products that have been placed on the market.


  • Overview of the duties of a managing director
  • Product integrity – organization and quality management system!
  • Product approval – What are the obligations?
  • Series production and series monitoring – CoP and quality assurance!
  • Product & market surveillance – How to identify risks?
  • Recalls – react appropriately to non-conformity and hazards!

We naturally address specific issues and challenges in your company. Contact us!

Group of participants

The management short training is aimed at the company’s executive board and management. Participants from administrative areas, such as human resources management or finance, are also welcome.

What happens after that?

If you have identified a need for training for your employees, we will be happy to advise you on this. of our “learning paths”. These enable you to achieve a defined qualification goal in a structured and targeted manner.

Formats and dates

We recommend face-to-face appointments at your company. Of course, we also offer this event as an online or hybrid event. And you are also very welcome to come to our office in Frankfurt am Main.

You are welcome to make individual appointments with us – even at off-peak hours or on Saturdays.