On 06.07.2022, Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 (GSR2 = General Safety Regulation 2) came into force. Here, further requirements for vehicles are described, related to technical innovations such as driving assistance systems. The application of (EU) 2019/2144 is therefore now mandatory for new vehicle types to be approved. Certain vehicles are subject to exemptions or transition periods that you should be aware of and follow.

Learning Goal

You know the special requirements resulting from the GSR2. You can confidently identify the requirements and transition periods for your products and understand the consequences of these.

What awaits you

The focus is on the requirements for assistance systems and other technical innovations on vehicles and vehicle parts.

  • Motifs for GSR2
  • Anchoring in legislation
  • concrete requirements
  • mandatory assistance system
  • optional assistance systems
  • autonomous and automated driving
  • Networking C2C & C2X
  • Cybersecurity
  • Small series, special vehicles and transition periods
  • Special features

Group of participants

  • Specialists and managers from development and homologation
  • Marketing and sales
  • Supply industry and service providers
  • Authorities and technical services
  • Testing laboratories

Formats and dates

This training GSR2 is designed as a one-day training. In combination with our other training courses, you can create your own personal learning path and achieve the qualification you are aiming for in a targeted manner.

You may choose to attend our open events or in-house training.

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You have the choice between German- / and English-language events.


You end the training with a learning success check. This serves on the one hand your own evaluation of the learning success, but also our internal quality management.

After completion of the event you will receive a certificate, as proof of the acquired qualification.

Request and booking

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