Certificate of conformity – vehicle manufacturer

An accident cannot always be avoided when moving vehicles on the road. The cause of the accident is often quickly reconstructed – but whether the cause lay with the driver or with the vehicle and thus in the manufacturer’s area of responsibility usually requires a more detailed analysis.

As a manufacturer, you quickly become the focus of investigations, because your obligations are extensively regulated by law. The focus is on the consumer, i.e. your customer. Now, however, it is important to keep a cool head and to evaluate the facts of the case in a professionally sound manner and free of emotion. It plays a major role here whether a product defect – should one exist – affects the entire series or individual units. Whether a series defect exists and whether it is relevant to conformity or safety is of decisive importance for the question of the necessity of a (sometimes very cost-intensive) recall.

For several customers, we have been able to verify exactly these facts within the scope of an expert opinion: We have assessed the conformity of the product and series in question to the approval and also assessed whether the approval was issued in conformity with the legislation.

Thanks to a conclusive and well-founded analysis with the result that in the present case there was a usage error and therefore no basis for a product recall (which was confirmed by the approval authority after examining our expert opinion), an extensive and expensive recall could be avoided.