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And again we had a very successful and productive training event in our office in Frankfurt am Main! Maximum learning success through a combination of CoP basic training “CoP Level 1” and CoP workshop “CoP Level 2”.

Become a CoP Expert in 3 Days – The Combination of CoP Basic Training and CoP Workshop

CoP intensive workshop

The “Conformity of Production” procedures – in short, “CoP” – are subject to strict requirements on the part of the legislator/authorities.

Increasingly complex products and new technologies not only increase the demands on test procedures and measurement technology.

CoP is thus increasingly becoming a cost driver for you. How can you counter this?

We start with a very proven CoP- basic training for years...

Trainer of the CoP-intensive workshop

Our company owner, your VDA-QMC awarded trainer, has very many years of practical CoP experience – among others as “Head of Conformity of Production” at a German vehicle manufacturer. For 8 years, he has been very successful in delivering his “CoP Basic Training” to participants from various OEMs and suppliers.

He is supported by our lawyer Felix Krug as a co-lecturer for multi-day workshops and training content with a focus on product liability and product safety.

Trainer of the CoP-intensive workshop

The CoP basic training is thus more than mature and perfectly tailored to the needs of the participants. With hardly any other training course can one so confidently claim that it is “from practice – for practice”.

… and continue with the CoP workshop – “CoP Level 2.

After you as a participant have built up a solid basic knowledge, we will deepen the knowledge through many practical examples and hands-on exercises.

70% of the time is devoted to group exercises.

Optimize effort and costs for CoP – through a comprehensive understanding of therequirements

In terms of test procedures, sample size, and testing interval, to be able to optimize production compliance procedures, you need more than just a solid knowledge of CoP requirements and how to theoretically implement them.

The CoP intensive participants

Only with a deep understanding can you identify opportunities to optimize your testing procedures or determine the perfect number of CoP tests.

Your knowledge will be so solidified that you won’t be embarrassed in any government audit. This is how you become a real CoP expert and are also perceived as such.

When may we welcome you to one of our CoP trainings?

Be part of the next event – book here. For individual in-house appointments, please send an e-mail to: vertrieb@markhaacke.com

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