guaranteed learning success and guaranteed practicability in practice!

from practice – for practice

Successful training stands and falls with its trainer. Does the latter read out the slides or do the slides only serve him for the famous red thread?

Mark Haacke as your trainer offers a lot of practical experience. From more than 15 positions in more than 10 different companies and continuous training and development, he can answer almost any question of the participants directly and precisely and can come up with countless practical examples for the implementation of the theoretical content.

  • 25 years of automotive experience
  • 20 years of experience in homologation, CoP, recalls and market surveillance
  • High proportion of practical exercises
  • 6 years of exchange in VDA-QMC working groups “Volume 9” and “CoP Minimum Standards
  • Large number of ongoing projects with many different customers from the automotive industry

By the way, for our trainer the trainings are not finished when the clock is set to closing time – the training is finished when every participant has reached the goal of the event! Thus, every participant is free to contact the trainer with questions even 4 weeks after the training – without being charged extra.

professionally sound

However, the trainer alone is not a guarantee for successful knowledge transfer. The content of the training courses must be able to withstand any professional scrutiny! Because our trainings, especially the level 2 trainings, are also attended by professionals who are mainly looking for the exchange with others in order not to become “business-blind”. Thus, a whole team, of different specialties works on the content.

The team consists of:

4 Engineers

  • work out the technical contents
  • continuously check these for up-to-dateness

5 legal employees

  • continuously check the legal requirements and their changes
  • research sources
  • elaborate additional information on legislative processes, structure and rank of norms and other info

And both our engineers and our legal staff are continuously working in various projects of our (consulting) clients and are in close exchange with authorities, technical services and our cooperation partners.


In addition to a comprehensive program of 8 standard training courses based on uniform modules, a high degree of customization can be offered to reflect the specific requirements of each company. Thus, content and practical exercises also fit your company exactly, whether you are active in the supply chain or are a vehicle manufacturer.

Price advantage

Money also needs to be talked about and nothing is given! A good training with technically correct and always up-to-date contents and practical exercises, which are based on real practical cases, causes costs for the provider, which have to be recouped through the price of the events. But the customer should pay for professional content and modern learning formats, not for a chain of external service providers who provide content, layout and the trainer!

All competencies are directly available in the company and are always “up-to-date”, so we also incur only comparatively low costs for creating the training courses – a price advantage that we can reflect in our prices accordingly.

You are not yet 100% convinced and plan several training dates? Feel free to contact us for a free trial training – you will receive a full training, incl. Learning assessment and certificates.

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