Coordination CoP – Next eGO mobile SE

What the big players in the industry have been doing for decades, the young companies in the market have to work hard for. Particularly when it comes to complying with legal requirements, it is impossible to build a team with the appropriate specialists quickly enough.

Classical engineering service providers do not have the necessary know-how to fully support type approvals and CoP (Conformity of Production). On the other hand, technical services are prohibited by law from providing advice.

And that’s where we come in. Over a period of 12 months, we supported Next eGO mobile SE in the planning, implementation, coordination and evaluation of all CoP activities.

We would also be happy to support you: from the creation of the CoP control plan, to the planning and execution of CoP tests including their documentation, to the preparation and support of (authority) audits.

Our experienced experts will also be happy to evaluate whether your existing CoP concept can be implemented with the same (or better) quality with less effort. In the event of deviations, our team also supports you in the preparation and implementation of a recall or checks in the form of an expert opinion whether the defect is an isolated case or a serial defect.