Vehicles and vehicle parts are subject to approval in almost all countries of the world. This means that you must meet certain requirements that are regulated by law. As a rule, compliance with these requirements must be demonstrated to a licensing authority.

Understanding these requirements is an essential prerequisite for being allowed to place the products on the market!

In addition to the Framework Regulation (EU) 2018/858, there are other regulations ((EU) 2019/2144; (EU) 2022/2236; …) and directives that set formal and technical requirements.

Do you know the requirements that are placed on your products?

Learning Goal

In the basic training on approval procedures in the EU and the contracting parties of the UN (ECE), we provide you with the basic knowledge on type approval/homologation. This makes it an excellent training course for all employees in development, homologation and quality assurance.

After this training

  • know why vehicles and vehicle parts are approved and know the motives of the legislators
  • you can identify an approval requirement for your products
  • understand how to ensure the approvability of your products
  • you also know the formal requirements for manufacturers / distributors
  • know the various options for obtaining a permit
  • you are familiar with the approval process
  • Understand the obligations after the permit has been issued
  • you can evaluate measures taken by the authorities in the event of non-compliance and react appropriately
  • know the consequences of possible non-conformity for you personally, your company, your products and your customers
  • you have an excellent basis for the advanced training courses.

What awaits you

The focus is on the Framework Regulation (EU) 2018/858 and Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 as well as the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/2236.

The requirements of (EU) 167/2013 and (EU) 168/2013 are also taken into account.

As part of an in-house training, which we can offer from 4 participants, we set the focus of the content according to your needs and requirements.

On request, we can adapt the content perfectly to the requirements of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, bodybuilders or importers/authorized dealers. It is also possible to focus on specific standards (e.g. UN R10). Simply contact us and we will find the best solution for you!

Small quizzes, moderated discussion rounds and practical exercises make it easier to consolidate what you have learned.


  • Legal and regulatory requirements for type approval
  • Overview of type approval national, EU, UN (ECE)
  • Requirements of the (EU) 2018/858, (EU) 2022/2236 and further
  • Procedure of the approval process
  • Participants and roles in the approval process
  • CoP process and CoP control plan in the approval procedure
  • Approval objects and approval marks

Group of participants

  • Specialists and managers from development and homologation
  • Quality assurance and supplier management employees
  • Marketing and sales
  • Supply industry and service providers
  • Importers and distributors
  • Authorities and technical services
  • Interested

What happens next?

With this basic training course on approval procedures, you now know all the basic requirements relevant to approval. This provides an excellent basis for various qualification objectives.

  • Responsible person / expert for homologation (also suitable for persons notified to the authority for product conformity)
  • Responsible person / expert for CoP (also suitable for persons notified to the authority for product conformity)
  • Person responsible for market surveillance (also suitable for persons notified to the authority for product safety)
  • Person responsible for recalls (also suitable for persons notified to the authorities for product conformity/product safety)
  • Recognized PSCR / PSCR expert

Option 1: Type approval/homologation

ADAS / GSR 2 – General Safety Regulation 2 (EU) 2019/2144

  • 690,-/participant
    open dates
  • from 290,-/participant
    inhouse dates
  • 1-day
  • english / german
  • presence /online

The requirements of GSR 2 increase the demands on your vehicles. Learn how to meet the requirements and what exceptions exist for specific use cases.

4.5 (4,699 ratings)

Option 2: Conformity of Production

CoP Basic Training (EU) 2018/858 /UN (ECE)

  • 690,-/participant
    open dates
  • from 290,-/participant
    inhouse dates
  • 1-day
  • english / german
  • presence /online

You only have to go through an approval process once – but the requirements for CoP must be met over the entire production period. This training will help you meet the current requirements.

4.5 (4,699 ratings)

Option 3: Market surveillance & recalls

Market surveillance & recalls

  • 690,-/participant
    open dates
  • from 290,-/participant
    inhouse dates
  • 1-day
  • english / german
  • presence /online

You should avoid a callback! Proper market and product monitoring will help you achieve this. If errors do occur and you have to recall products, it is important to act quickly and correctly. This is what you will learn in this training!

4.5 (4,699 ratings)

Option 4: Product Safety & Conformity Representative

PSCR Training

  • 1290,-/participant
    open dates
  • from 490,-/participant
    inhouse dates
  • 2-day
  • english / german
  • presence /online

The PSCR is a key role in all companies – even away from the automotive industry, the role has become established to minimize liability risks for companies. Secure your product integrity too – become a PSCR!

4.5 (4,699 ratings)

Formats and dates

This basic training on approval procedures is designed as a one-day training. In combination with our other training courses, you can create your own personal learning path and achieve the qualification you are aiming for in a targeted manner.

You may choose to attend our open events or in-house training.

For open events you can find the dates in our event calendar.

We organize in-house trainings according to your wishes – you choose the date and tell us the number of participants – from 4 to 300 participants we can offer you many options. You also determine the venue according to your needs – at your location, at our location, in a seminar hotel or online/hybrid.

You have the choice between German- / and English-language events.


You end the training with a learning success check. This serves on the one hand your own evaluation of the learning success, but also our internal quality management.

After completion of the event you will receive a certificate, as proof of the acquired qualification.

Request and booking

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