Do you have a product that needs to be approved?

To understand how type approval works, you can now dig through countless collections of legal texts- Or you can consult a lawyer or simply try your “luck” to the best of your knowledge.

Or you can simply book our training on approval procedures – Level 1.

We have prepared everything in such a way that every employee in the companies of the automotive industry can derive clear action steps from it. In this way, you can easily master the process of an approval procedure.

We still have a few surprises and a lot of background knowledge in store for professionals in the approval process.

The EU/UN type approval

Anyone wishing to place vehicles and vehicle parts on the market has to fulfill a wealth of (legal) requirements. And this is true in almost all markets around the world.

There are essentially two different procedures for this:

  • An approval process in which a sample is presented to the authority and the authority confirms that the product is designed to be placed on the market.
  • Self-certification, in which the manufacturer must ensure that the legal requirements are met without this being checked and confirmed by an authority.

In the training we describe both methods and explain on which (common) source they originate. As a participant, you will learn how to independently identify the requirements for approval of your product. The training offers enough space and time to discuss specific issues.

The way to the type approval

Obtaining type approval is not difficult in principle. Requirements for the design of vehicles, as well as other rules designed to ensure road safety, protect the environment and protect public health, have been in place for over 120 years.

The process and the requirements have therefore evolved steadily and can be considered tried and tested and very well structured.

For the professional, it’s easy to follow this path, whether approving a simple component like a horn or a complex product like an entire vehicle.

Our team is always actively involved in the approval process with various vehicle manufacturers and suppliers through a large number of consultations and project work. We are also always in close contact with various technical services and authorities and have an excellent network.

So we always have our finger on the pulse of the times and our trainers can show you, with the help of many practical examples, where you should focus in order to obtain approval for your products quickly and easily.

Requirements for companies and products

Important! Legal requirements apply not only to the products! The company that is or wishes to become a permit holder must also meet certain legal requirements.

But these are not as high as they may seem at first glance; they do not even require a certified QM system.

In the training you will therefore also learn what requirements are placed on companies and how you can meet them.

Why type approval?

Are you wondering if you need type approval for your product? At first glance, this question seems very simple – after all, the legislator prescribes it quite clearly. But there are many factors on which it depends. Also ask yourself the questions whether….

  • you are required by law in the position of vehicle manufacturer or supplier, or whether you can choose who must have approval.
  • your product has a design with certain features that give rise to an obligation to obtain approval.
  • The respective target market has specific requirements and you need to know and be familiar with the target market (as a supplier).
  • The area of use of your product determines whether approval is required and whether you (as a supplier) need to know this area of use.

In the training course, we will provide you with the basic knowledge that can be used to answer these questions.

No permit requirement? = no requirements?

But even if you have identified that you are not subject to any approval requirement with your product, there are specific requirements to be met as soon as your customer in the supply chain or as an OEM wants to use this product for a product that requires approval.

If you want to learn and understand the basic rules for approving vehicles and vehicle parts in just one day, register directly for our training. By the way, this is available in German and English. In many countries in Asia and South America, you can book the training courses in the respective local language via our cooperation partner GAB global.

Contents of the training


  • Development road traffic law
  • Legislation

Legislation Europe

  • Framework Regulation (EU) 2018/858
  • Authorities and Technical Services for Europe
  • Economic actors

Type approval

  • Basics Approval national/EU-wide/international
  • Approval procedure
  • Approval objects
  • Approval mark

Learning success check

The training serves as the first stage for a full qualification, but is self-contained and can therefore be booked individually without leaving any questions unanswered.

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