The Product Safety & Conformity Representative

Product integrity – the task of the PSCR

Are you also surprised by the abundance of requirements that companies in the automotive industry have to meet? Are you also required to demonstrate a PSCR (Product Safety & Conformity Representative) in your company?

The products of the automotive industry and beyond are subject to requirements for:

1. the safety and

2. the conformity of your products

To ensure that these requirements can be met safely, the automotive industry has the PSCR (Product Safety and Conformity Representative). The PSCR’s role is to ensure product integrity, a requirement consisting of the elements of product safety and product conformity.

A large number of vehicle manufacturers require the designation of a PSCR on the supplier side.

In our PSCR training, you will receive a recognized PSCR qualification and can thus prove to your customers that you also meet the requirements.

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Where does the PSCR requirement come from?

In the beginning, there was a requirement from vehicle manufacturers that a PSB (product safety representative) be designated in the supply chain to ensure product safety across all companies in the supply chain.

As compliance with regulatory requirements has grown in importance, so has the need to ensure that requirements are implemented across the supply chain. The PSCR was developed. The requirements for this are shown in the VDA volume “Product Integrity”.

How does the qualification for PSCR take place?

From the initial nucleus, various pathways and providers of appropriate qualifications and credentials have evolved. Particularly in the preparation of the sometimes dry legal requirements and the didactic and methodical optimal transfer of knowledge, they differ strikingly.

Our PSCR training, created by our expert team of legal staff and engineers, has become a staple in the marketplace.

With our PSCR workshop, which we developed with the Weka Akademie/TQM as our partner with regard to conceptual design and sales, we are the first to take the next step here and not stop at imparting theoretical knowledge, garnished with a few practical exercises. You can book this here:

Content PSCR training

The training consists of 4 modules and introduces you as a participant to the requirements in a structured way:

Module 1 focuses on “product integrity” in general. You will learn the basic requirements and be shown how a PSCR organization can be integrated into the company and how appropriate interfaces can be formed.

Module 2 focuses on product safety and product liability. You will get a good overview of the main standards and how they relate to each other.

Module 3 provides you with the knowledge of product conformity. What are the requirements based on? What tools does the legislator know to ensure the conformity of products? How are these requirements to be implemented?

Module 4 summarizes all important information and actions on product and market surveillance. You will learn how to identify deviations and eliminate errors by taking appropriate measures.

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By the way, this is available in German and English.

After the positively completed learning success control, you will receive a corresponding certificate from us.

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