The Product Safety and Conformity Representative

In the meantime, the role of the “Product Safety & Conformity Representative” has become established far beyond the automotive industry. The PSCR can be understood here as the successor to the PSB – the “Product Safety Representative”.

Why a workshop?

Training for the PSCR qualification has been established for several years. Mark Haacke Training & Consulting GmbH has also had these in its portfolio for some time.

This 2-day training focuses very strongly on teaching the theoretical basics that the PSCR needs for his tasks.

One of our PSCR training customers provided the impetus for developing a workshop. It had become apparent that for PSCRs without prior experience (for example, as a PSB), implementation in practice was particularly challenging. Thus, a concept was developed together with the customer.

Focus of the workshop

The PSCR workshop consists of 4 modules – “Product Liability and Product Safety”; “Market Surveillance & Recalls”; “CoP-Q” and CoP-P”. This means 4 times 3.5h practical exercises, based on questions from practice. In each module there is a sufficiently large number of practical exercises to choose from in order to be able to consider individual questions and requirements of the participants.

Look for dates for open workshops in our calendar of events. For events at your company, feel free to contact us directly .

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