Which training formats are possible with us?

Everything you need to know about face-to-face and online training, participant numbers, implementation methods, and much more.

In the last two years, people have already become accustomed to the trainer not standing in front of the participants in a seminar room, but sitting in front of the camera and presenting his slides online. Although online trainings offer many advantages – especially from an organizational point of view – they also have their disadvantages. Surely you also know that you can often only follow them sluggishly and that they quickly seem tiring. But is classroom training really the only alternative? We say: No, that does not have to be!

Our training concepts offer a solution for all needs.

Classroom training

On the one hand, we continue to hold classroom training sessions – in compliance with all regulations, of course. This option provides the greatest personal interaction for both participants and trainers, increasing focus and usually resulting in better learning.

Online training

However, even with online training, face-to-face interaction as well as human dynamics don’t necessarily have to suffer as much as you might be used to. Since we, too, often slip into the role of the participants when we are
we know their perspective and know what is important in online training and what we can do better.

In our live online training sessions, we therefore don’t just sit in front of the screen, but we present the content while standing and moving around in our training room, which is available to us anyway. This promotes alertness, focus, concentration and is good for the voice! This makes it easier for training participants to follow and ultimately absorb the content.
We also like to schedule our live online training sessions during off-peak times, for example, when we need to find a date for different locations of a company. You want to start at 4:00 CET or learn until 24:00 CET? No problem, we realize that for you!

Participant numbers

No matter if 5, 10, 50 or even 300 participants – We can do it! Our face-to-face and online trainings are therefore available in the following participant formats:

Classroom format

The classroom format includes a number of participants similar to a school class. This format offers plenty of room for individual questions and practical exercises!

Lecture format

If the number of participants exceeds the classroom format, the lecture format is suitable. There are fewer practical exercises here, but there is still enough room for individual questions. To make sure we can identify and answer them, we have a team behind the scenes to help our trainer capture and focus the questions. This happens virtually in real time and works for both online and face-to-face training.

Trade fair format

The trade show format is optimal when many participants are to be trained in one company, but not all of them can attend the same appointments. We then use several trainers and split the training into individual blocks of about 3.5 hours each. These are conducted on several days at different times. This way, even participants with busy schedules can find a time slot in which to attend a training block. This is also possible in both online and face-to-face training.

Whether online or face-to-face training, 15 or 300 participants, at one or more locations or on one or more dates – we will find an optimal solution for all organizations and needs! In addition, we place a great deal of emphasis on providing participants with an atmosphere in which they can easily follow the content and answer their questions.
be answered. If you want to know more about our trainings, contact us!

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