Who or what is the PSCR?

The PSCR (Product Safety & Conformity Representative) is company responsible for maintaining product integrity.

Product integrity is the combination of product safety and product conformity. Thus, the PSCR is the continuation of the PSB (Product Safety Representative) in the company.

Product safety means that a product must have a sufficiently high level of safety with regard to its intended use – i.e., that no danger to users / consumers results from its use.

Product conformity means that the product complies with relevant regulations. These may or may not be legal requirements. Here, conformity to technical standards and norms or to customer requirements is also meant.

A large number of vehicle manufacturers require the designation of a PSCR on the supplier side and this through the entire supply chain.

As compliance with regulatory requirements has grown in importance, so has the need to ensure that requirements are implemented across the supply chain. The PSCR was developed. The requirements for this are shown in the VDA volume “Product Integrity”.

If you would like to learn more about PSCR or even become PSCR qualified, please feel free to attend our PSCR training. If you are already a PSCR, visit our PSCR workshop to deepen your knowledge and practice the practical application.

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