What expectations one may have as a participant or client

Further training is not free, but often costs a lot of money. Many companies
therefore rightly ask themselves whether the investment in a training course or similar is worthwhile and also the
can deliver the added value that is hoped for. In the following we would therefore like to
list a few criteria that make a good trainer and thus ensure you
can ensure that your investments in further training really pay off!

1. expertise and practical experience

Probably the most important expectation you should have of a trainer is their
Expertise. The trainer should be well versed in the subject and not only
theoretical knowledge, but mandatory also practical experience in this area.
have Because theory alone is usually of no use if it is not put into practice.
arrives and also works there.
Only when the trainer himself knows both the theory and practice:
– Recognize connections and backgrounds of questions
– Answer questions from the field satisfactorily and effectively
– Teach participants how to apply the training content in their practical
Be able to apply in everyday work

2. flexible knowledge transfer

A good trainer should impart knowledge flexibly rather than rigidly. In trainings
often come many questions from different companies or departments.
The trainer must be able to record these questions of the participants in such a way
and to answer that all participants apply to their own situation

3. comply with the depth and scope of the content

To get the best possible learning outcome from a training course, a good
trainer actually delivers the desired contents of the training in the promised
convey depth and to the extent promised.

4. focus on learning objectives

A good trainer should not measure a training session by the time of day, so that at a
deviation from the schedule the success of the training is no longer certain. Rather should
be able to flexibly arrange breaks and the end of the event.
can ensure that expectations are met and learning objectives are actually achieved.

5. organization

Knowing your target group(s) and being able to
Organize training in such a way that they have the opportunity for further education at all
can perceive – and also perceive them in the best possible way.
For this reason, training concepts should include both online and face-to-face training.
include solutions for different numbers of participants or locations
and also resolve the problem of even in large groups arising questions of the
participants quickly and well.
So, to make sure that your investment in a trainer’s continuing education is paying off
you can expect from the trainer not only theoretical knowledge,
but also has practical experience in this field. He must grasp questions and
answer them both flexibly and practically. In addition, they recognize a good trainer
of the fact that, from the outset, it had to meet their training needs not only in terms of content, but also
also taken into account organizationally. If you have any questions about our expertise or our
training concepts, please feel free to contact us!

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