Law and contract management

We warmly welcome Arne Christ to the team and look forward to working with him.

For small businesses, supplier and customer management may also present challenges from a legal perspective. A large number of GTCs have to be examined and evaluated, disadvantageous supplier contracts have to be avoided, and a contractual agreement has to be found with the customer that reflects the interests of both sides in a fair and transparent manner.

With Arne Christ, we can therefore cover the majority of these tasks internally and only require external support in difficult situations.

legal research

Furthermore we welcome Felix Krug in our team and of course we are looking forward to a good cooperation.

The growing legal requirements in the automotive industry require professionals who can read and understand laws and standards and are able to translate them into process descriptions and technical specifications.

In order to be able to support our customer requirements here in the future in the usual quality, we have decided to bring Felix Krug into the team as a legal employee. Of course, we are also very pleased that we can convince as a team and employer.

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