Basic knowledge of approval procedures according to (EU) 2018/858

not only for newcomers to the subject of homologation

This training is aimed at participants who have little or no previous knowledge of the approval-relevant requirements according to the EU and UN/ECE.

However, as this training also deals with EU 2018/858, which has been mandatory since 01.09.2020, and compares individual regulations with the corresponding chapters of the Framework Directive 2007/46/EC, this training is also of interest to professionals who want to find out about the current status of the regulations.

In the individual learning blocks, the fundamentals of national/European/international approval procedures are taught. The focus here is on EU and UN procedures.

Small quizzes and a wide range of practical exercises help to deepen the acquired knowledge and understanding of the intention of the legislation.

This training also lays the foundation for the CoP basic training, which is designed as the next qualification level, but of course also serves on its own to achieve the learning objectives set for CoP.

This training includes

  • Development road traffic law
  • Basics legislation
  • Approval procedure national / EU / UNECE / international
  • EU (VO) 2018/858
  • Vehicle classes
  • Legal acts for EU type approval
  • Legal acts UN/ECE
  • CoP requirements
  • STE, component, system – differences and examples
  • QM system, initial assessment, chain of custody, approval mark
  • Technical services and approval authorities
  • Stakeholders in the approval process
  • Objectives of the approval procedure
  • Safeguard clauses of the framework regulation EU 2018/858

The training is also offered as an open course upon request.

Your trainer Mark Haacke can look back on many years of experience as Head of Conformity of Production at a German vehicle manufacturer. In this role, he represented this OEM in the VDA QMC working groups “Volume 9” and “CoP Minimum Standards”.

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