Mark Haacke and his team have been with us for 1.5 years. We have received support in the initial evaluation and in parts of the type testing and have received very professional support. For about 9 months now, Mark Haacke’s team has been providing us with very intensive support in defining the CoP scopes and conducting the CoP audits.
2 weeks ago I attended 2 trainings by Mark Haacke. The training content is taught in a very practical manner, there is plenty of room for discussion and questions, all of which can be answered competently. It is good that the training courses do not focus on reading laws but simply teach how to implement the requirements.

Top! I can recommend to everyone!


CoP basic training, presence at customer site, 06/2022

Training on market surveillance and recalls, presence at customer site, 06/2022

Project work type approval and initial assessment – support of the Next e.GO SE team in the processing of tasks in vehicle homologtaion.

Consulting and project work – planning CoP activities, creating a complete CoP process, CoP control plan, and procedural instructions for all CoP evidence. Assist in the initiation of internal and external reporting. Mentoring and technical support for initial CoP exams and test performance evaluation – test results. Deriving measures. Structured handover of the project to the internal CoP team.

Source: Linkedin Recommendation

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