The founder – Mark Haacke

many years of experience from which you profit!

Mark Haacke has been the CEO of Mark Haacke Training & Consulting since its inception in 2019.

After many exciting stations in the automotive industry, from his work as an expert for an officially recognized monitoring organization, to positions with suppliers, and various tasks in the area of exhaust gas type testing, quality assurance, recalls, to the position as Head of Conformity of Production at a vehicle manufacturer, Mark Haacke has decided to no longer make his accumulated knowledge and extensive practical experience available to just one company.

Almost from a standing start, he was able to convince a major German vehicle manufacturer of his expertise immediately after founding Mark Haacke Training & Consulting, and has since been a valued and reliable provider of lectures and training courses.

In 2020, the time that had a lasting impact on German and global society and economy and also caused a drastic decline in orders for our founder, he used the opportunity to fundamentally rethink the business model and the product range.

The result – optimized training content perfectly adapted for online training and a solid consulting offering were also able to convince existing and new customers very quickly and already ensured a very significant increase in incoming orders in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Newly concluded cooperations and partnerships not only helped to cover order peaks with additional resources. This also enabled the range to be further extended.

As a result, it was now necessary and possible to convert the sole proprietorship into a GmbH (limited liability company) in the first half of 2021 and to take employees on permanent contracts.

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