The importance of informal exchange in training – our expert panel

What ensures learning success in training and workshops?

A competent and experienced trainer is undoubtedly an important factor to consolidate knowledge during a training. But what else can help participants better internalize what they have learned? In this blog post, we would like to highlight the importance of informal sharing in training and how it can be further encouraged.

The small talk during the coffee break

Practical exercises and coffee breaks are already established methods to promote exchange between participants. Whereby the coffee break is of course not a “method”, but simply part of it. But the importance should not be underestimated.

Have you ever attended trainings where you wished the coffee break would take 7h and the time dedicated to slides and trainers only 1h?

Breaks give participants the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from each other.

But the focus is still ultimately on the training content and structure of a training course.

Small talk becomes a concept

The informal exchange between participants is often underestimated. In doing so, it can provide great added value by creating space for individual questions, discussions and personal experiences.

We have set ourselves the task of promoting precisely this small talk and have established such a participant round. Here, participants meet in a predefined setting to exchange ideas on current topics.

In order to maintain the objective, the topics are agreed upon in advance and moderated by an expert. This ensures that discussions remain focused and provide added value for all participants.

If external expertise is needed on certain topics, we organize appropriate professionals who can contribute their specialist knowledge. This allows participants to benefit from different perspectives and gain new impetus for their work.

What content and topics can you bring to the table?

In principle, there are no specifications or restrictions. All topics from “A”, like initial evaluation, to “Z”, like admission, are welcome. The participants bring their topics and the participants decide in which detail which topic will be treated.

If become part of our expert panel?

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