Market surveillance and product monitoring

Market surveillance and product monitoring means that the person who introduces products into the market is obliged to ensure that the products do not pose a risk to users and others. This means that to ensure this, you need to monitor their own products, but also products of market competitors in the use phase. This results in the initiation of measures for the elimination of errors or risks, if necessary.

In this context, the legislator also stipulates that corresponding authorities be installed in the markets. These monitor the products in the field and initiate measures or issue product warnings (e.g. via RAPEX portal). In this way, the legislator ensures that products 1. Compliant and 2. are safe.

Objective Training Market surveillance and recalls

Our training on market surveillance and recalls is designed to give you, the participant, easy and quick access to the complex topic.

The background of the legal requirements is presented first. Important regulations and legal acts are highlighted and explained how you can implement them in practice.

As a participant, you will learn to use tools to identify deviations and risks and how to safely evaluate identified errors and risks.

Using the risk assessment according to RAPEX, you will practice on a practical case which criteria are taken into account in order to be able to reliably assess a product defect and derive appropriate measures.

Deriving actions for you typically means actions in the field, such as recall actions or service actions. But measures in development or production can also be important for you. With the remaining participants, you will create an example recall process under the guidance of our trainer. In addition to the processes and the methods, basic rules for organization and communication are also learned.

While this training has a focus on automotive products, it also shows the parallels to other consumer products. These are subject to comparable requirements to a large extent. In addition to those responsible for market surveillance and recalls, the training is also important for employees who perform tasks as PSB/PSCR (Product Safety & Compliance Responsible).

The training on approval procedures is a useful combination option, as it deals with requirements of the legislation (EU 2018/858 – “on the approval and market surveillance of vehicles…”).

This training includes

  • Field action basics
  • Market surveillance in the EU/ in Germany
  • RAPEX Portal / RAPEX Risk Assessment
  • Shutdown measures
  • Recall management

The training can be booked in all offered formats. Please feel free to contact us for individual requests.

Your trainer Mark Haacke can look back on many years of experience as Head of Conformity of Production at a German vehicle manufacturer. In this role, he represented this OEM in the VDA QMC working groups “Volume 9” and “CoP Minimum Standards”.

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